Come for a Fellowship at the Mighty Fortress Church

Mighty Fortress Church is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The services are held at the Excell Academy for higher learning Brooklyn Park,6510 Zane Avenue North Suite 107 Minnesota 55429. The church purpose is worshiping in spirit and truth, building strong families and purpose promise destiny. Some of the church activities are empowering the youth, worship and praise, Bible studies and practical teachings.


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The Mighty Fortress is unique as it offers relevant messages to modern day living and an authentic style of worship services. It has a friendly and comfortable atmosphere sensitive to the needs of others. Their services focus on providing Christians with an environment to encounter God’s presence and His life-changing word. Read more on

You are accepted as you are

The atmosphere at Mighty Fortress encourages Christians to come as they are. They create an enjoyable experience for the Christians, as they believe everybody is valuable and capable of contributing something to the body of Christ.

Services and Atmosphere

At the Mighty Fortress, worship is essential at encouraging and building every believer on a weekly basis. Their worship services focus on God and His wonderful deeds in our lives. By worshipping, believers receive spiritual refreshment, inspiration and God’s Blessings. The choir, band and worship team at the Mighty Fortress introduce God’s presence to the atmosphere and individuals are at liberty to express their gratitude towards God. Hear the weekly messages on Riverview Baptist.

What to expect from the word of God

On the word of God, at Mighty Fortress, their vision is about helping believers nature their faith and assist them to live victorious and prosperous lives. They offer practical biblical principles to the Christians to guide them in living a victorious Christian lifestyle. The church provides actual answers to the toughest challenges in life. Mighty Fortress Church has opened its gates to everyone in the community to come as they are and be part of transformational and life-changing services. The church provides a sensitive, accepting and loving atmosphere to accommodate all cultures and races.

About Bishop T. Williams

Bishop T. Williams is the senior pastor and founder of Mighty Fortress International Church and Ministries. He is a respected minister of the Gospel with over three decade of service in various roles in the Body of Christ. His ministry emphasizes applications of the treasures of knowledge and wisdom present in the word of God.

Bishop Thomas Williams believes that the treasures of knowledge and wisdom provide answers to the distressing problems in the world such as poverty, sin, racism, social uprising against God, moral decay, and diseases. His calling helps create a bridge in uniting differences in the Body of Christ.


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