GoBuySide Methods of Recruitment

GoBuySide, a recruitment platform in New York City, has helped many clients recruit outstanding professionals, for their firms. These clients have ranged from Fortune 500 Companies, investment firms, venture capitalist firms, and private equity firms. Arjun Kapur the founder is passionate about his business as shown by his extensive education, such as graduating from Stanford University, and John Hopkins. One of GoBuySide’s strategies include using a variety of social networks such as Linkedin, and Facebook to screen a potential candidate, and access their skill set. This gives a hiring manager time in advance, to decide whether a potential candidate is worth the firm’s investment. Read more at Wayup about GoBuyside.

In addition, the financial industry has become more compliant towards workers, such as many financial workers can work in temporary positions to improve their skills. Many financial firms like advisory, investment, and private equity firms only hire individual who stay long term which raises the firms recruiting expenses. GoBuySide acquires data about these firms open positions and fills the demand for seasonal workers, who go beyond a firm’s expectations, which benefits the firm’s goals and the candidate’s skill set. Furthermore, GoBuySide uses one of their most recognized strategies to recruit local professionals. This strategy is location base recruiting, which helps identify which candidate excels at their jobs, and will bring value to the firm that hired GoBuySide. This helps reduce hiring expenses as many of these local employees are looking for growth opportunity, and to move on to bigger firms they feel their skill set will benefit.

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Since being founded in 2011 in New York City, GoBuySide has expanded to over 16, and over 52 cities worldwide. With this immense growth, GoBuySide has grown a portfolio of over 100,000 professionals for financial firms, and a client list of over 2,000 clients. GoBuySide continues to grow their client base and professionals through the use of modern technology that heavily screens potential candidates. Read this article at Accesswire.

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