Investor and Advisor- Tim Armour

Warren Buffett is an investor who recently gambled $1million, and he trusts that he can achieve better investment outcome than in hedge fund by investing in an S&P 500 passive index fund. The bet will be determined this year, and according to predictions, Mr. Buffet will make it. Buffett is very right when he says there are several high and ordinary that shortchanges investors. He is a supporter of low cost and simple venture that should be long-term. For an extended period, Mr. Warren’s approach for bottom-up investment, company analyzation, and the strong founding collection has proved itself over the years. Warren has been in the business world for long and has been advising Americans to save for retirement, get invested, and stay in the investment.

Warren Buffett shares his perspective and offers his advice on investing. Mr. Warren advises the consumer on the need to worry about the product level. He further r said that is no longer about passive or active, it is about delivering long-term investment plans at a low cost. Mr. Warren did not forget to tell investors that it was time to challenge the belief that passive index return is the best method to retirement. Warren said index returns have their position but do not offer a headrest against down market.

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Timothy Armour is well known as Tim. He is the Chairman, the Director and the Principal Executive Director of Capital Research and Management Company. Mr. Tim has been a leader and served in several other organizations including; The Capital Group Companies where he is the Chairman and the Equity Portfolio Manager. Before being the Director of Capital Research Management, Tim worked at Capital as an Equity Investment Analyst. At Capital, Tim was responsible for managing international communication and United States Companies. M r. Tim is a dedicated man and hardworking; he began his career by participating in the Associates Program. He is a Middlebury graduate where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics.

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Athleisure Fashion and Fabletics are a Gorgeous Colorful Combination

Think of high quality and fashionable work-out clothes and the actress Kate Hudson. It all goes together nicely, because the adorable star is active like many women and wants to feel comfortable in stylish pieces that can go from the gym to the restaurant and a fun night out on the town.

That’s why Kate Hudson co-founded the California-based Fabletics line and has attracted fans from around the world who want to look as amazing as Kate at an affordable price. Whether it’s a gorgeous new pair of yoga pants, a top, joggers, leggings and even athleisure dresses, Fabletics offers all that in exceptional fabrics and colors.

Most busy women are tired of having to wear a stiff uniform in public, but the great news is that athleisure wear has changed attitudes. Women can still look polished and ready for any event in athleisure garments, especially when it’s a fashion line coming from an A-lister, Fabletics who always makes best dressed Hollywood lists.

Let’s be honest. Such active wear is big news if we believe the numbers. According to a feature by, in the U.S. alone, Americans spent almost $44 billion on athleisure items in 2015, which is up 16% over 2014.
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The Fabletics subscriber shopping site says that their leggings are the company’s biggest seller, because it’s a piece that one can build an entire wardrobe and lifestyle around. Plus, Kate Hudson is famous for being photographed in leggings everywhere.

Fabletics remains up on the trends, offering VIP members gorgeous new patterns and textures of athleisure wear on The online shopping site takes the guesswork out of what pieces to buy with a fashion quiz taken when a customer joins membership. New collections are released on the first of every month, offering a huge variety of modern athleisure pieces.

Enjoy the Unique JustFab Experience

Online shopping is still sort of ‘iffy’ for some consumers. If you happen to be one of them, JustFab may change your outlook on online shopping-for good. I know-you’ve heard it all before: ‘Great products;’ ‘Fantastic selection;’ ‘Unbeatable customer service;’ and the list goes on. JustFab makes online shopping a fun ‘experience’-not just a click, click, boom few minutes on your computer.

A few of the standout goodies are: lots, and lots and lots of options to choose from, that are personalized for each shopper. Learn more about JustFab: and

Shoppers have access to a personal shopper, who interacts with you as often, or as little as you like, and the price points are generally better than those in department stores-without the hassle of driving, parking, and scavenger hunting for items that may or not be there.

JustFab takes shoppers preferences and turns them into realistic deliveries within a few short days. Sound too good to be true-right? Well, consider this: if at any point a shopper is not satisfied with an order, it can be returned, exchanged, replaced, or the shoppers account can be credited for future purchases-at no cost to the shopper! I know! Pretty awesome! Read more: JustFab Promo Codes: 75% Off Coupon, 2016 and JustFab raises $85M at what sources say is a $1B valuation

What about the ‘other’ customer service option-a live call? Those are designed with true customer satisfaction at heart as well. When a shopper calls, they can interact with a live customer service agent who is courteous, knowledgeable, and patient.

A JustFab experience is inclusive of the shopper’s needs from start to finish. All in all, JustFab is a great way to keep up with styles that certainly work for you, a way to try new styles that may have caught your eye, and a JustFab way keep up with the latest fashion trends for a fraction of the cost of traditional shopping options-in the privacy of your own home.