Barbara Stokes Proves GSH’s Worth to FEMA

Following the damage done by disasters such as Hurricane Harvey, there us much rebuilding that needs to be done. It is the job of government organizations like FEMA to facilitate relief. One they do that is contracting other companies to rebuild, rehouse, and offer aid to all victims. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase. One such company is Green Structure Homes, a disaster-relief contractor from Alabama. Using state-of-the art design and manufacture techniques to create easily assembled modular homes. The homes can be assembled in a matter of days, and do not require a lot of hands in their constructions. They are designed to be both stationary and mobile, sport a full kitchen, bathroom, sprinklers, and can have a wood or steel frame. The idea behind these modular homes is that they can provide speedy housing in areas where homes were lost. Instead of cramming survivors into relief areas like school cafeterias, or sports arenas, they can be given their own private home. The ready-made housing can also be used for relief-workers. Under the leadership of Barbara Stokes the company has enjoyed much success since its founding. Now with a $28.5 million dollar contract from FEMA, the company is preparing to expand. Follow Barbara Stokes on

GSH is stretching its business across 8 states with new manufacturing facilities being built in North Carolina, Florida, Minnesota, Louisiana, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Texas. The facilities will supply the parts necessary to construct the homes. Barbara Stokes, CEO and co-founder of GSH, hopes that the facilities will revitalize the economies around them, providing more jobs for the people there. A graduate of Mercer University Barbara Stokes has been working in the arena of disaster relief for decades. The innovative design of GSH’s modular homes make them an instrumental part of disaster relief effort. As housing is the most sought after commodity for both survivors and workers, the ability to assemble workable living quarters at a fast rate is extremely ideal. GSH effectiveness leaves no doubt in why FEMA awarded them a contract. One always needs the best person for the job.