What End Citizens United Wants Now

You can look at the work of End Citizens United and see that they’ve put themselves in the perfect position to make a big splash this year. They understand better than just about anyone else that there is a need and desire to see the direction of politics change for the better. People are tired of the way Trump and the GOP have run the country. They are interested in an alternative that does away with all of the big money that defines the post Citizens United world. This is where the likes of this PAC are going to play a big role in terms of where modern politics will go.

There are so many seats up for grabs in the 2018 midterms and it the political tide seems to favor the Democrats. People want to see politicians who stand up for their interests rather than the interests of corporations and the like. The best way to get this going is to change the names of those in power. We can currently see that Republicans are in power so this will mean finding a way to replace them with Democrats who will undo the damage of big money. That’s exactly why End Citizens United was created. This blue wave is going to need the support of a PAC that stands behind it all the way.

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The biggest chances for this to happen are going to be in the House. The number of Republicans who are up for reelection is incredible and the troubles of Donald Trump are putting them in a special position to defeated. We have already seen examples of this at work with the rise of Doug Jones in Alabama and Conor Lamb in Pennsylvania according to fightforreform.org. If these two were able to succeed despite the overwhelming odds, it’s almost inevitable that we will see even greater success in those areas that show high unfavorable numbers for the president.

You can certainly look at this PAC and have high hopes for it. There are so many people out there who tired of what goes on in Washington and want to bring their own change. This is just the latest way for them to do that. If it continues we’re going to see a completely new Washington DC. End Citizens United has a very specific goal in mind, but this PAC is willing to do anything it takes to reach that goal.

Learn more about End Citizens United: http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2011/05/james-bopp-citizens-united/