Neurocore Offers a Beneficial Environment For All

Neurocore offers different deals on their Groupon page, right now there are two to choose from. The first deal is a comprehensive diagnostic neuro assessment, this comes with zero scheduling restrictions. This is valued at $250, but the coupon reduces this amount to $103.50. The second deal offered on the Groupon page is also for a comprehensive diagnostic neuro assessment, but this one is specifically before 4 P.M., Monday through Friday, which is discounted to $51. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

The test includes an EEG, or Electroencephalogram, a Heart-Rate Variability test (HRV), Integrated visual and Auditory continuous performance test (IVA), as well as a behavioral checklist. The aim of these Neurofeedback tests is to help people gain a better understanding and control of their own thought patterns. This will increase concentration power, and one’s ability to stay focused, calm, and present in any type of situation.


Working at Neurocore looks to be an overall positive experience, according to ratings found on the Indeed website, where past and present employees can offer their input and experience in working for Neurocore. Neurocore offers its employees the luxury of discounted services for family members, which some employees say, was a good incentive to work there. These services can be somewhat expensive to pay full price for, but discounts can come in handy as an employee of Neurocore.

Employees say that the environment is positive and staff are typically very attuned to customer needs and are looking to help others. The fact that employees also receive completely free Neurocore service is a factor in the high ratings. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.