Tony Petrello: A Successful Businessman And Philanthropist

It’s not every day we hear of people who have achieved great success in the corporate world. One such individual is Tony Petrello. Growing up as a young boy in Newark, NJ, he rose to become the CEO of the world’s largest drilling firm. Mr. Tony has also impacted lives through his philanthropic activities toward children suffering from neurological disease.

Tony Petrello’s career is nothing short of successful. In 2015, Mr. Petrello topped the ranks of the highest earning CEO in the U.S. At the age of 62, he received a whopping $15, 372, 429, thanks to his diversified investment options.

A Successful CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd.

Tony is the CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd. that owns the world’s largest land-based drilling company. It specializes in offering drilling services and rig-fleets to land-based companies and off-shore drilling companies globally.

Founded in 1952, the Houston-based company has earned a reputation for helping drive the growth of the oil and gas industries. Under Tony’s leadership, the company recorded annual revenue of over $2.2 billion at the end of 2016.

Tony Petrello has led the company to world recognition. The most significant change came in 2002 when he opened business opportunities for the company to penetrate off-shore while he was still the company’s COO. Since then, he has been behind some of the firm’s most significant acquisitions.

Petrello’s Dedication to Charity Campaigns

Tony Petrello started his philanthropic deeds before joining Nabors Industries. His caring character is known to many. His urge to help the less fortunate grew especially when his daughter was born prematurely with a neurological disorder. Caren was diagnosed with Periventricular leukomalacia, which resulted in cerebral palsy which impaired her motor system.

Tony and his wife, Cynthia, donated $5 million and pledged an additional $2 million to help in the establishment of the Neurological Research Institute located at5 the Texas Children’s Hospital. The institute is dedicated to medical research and helping children to receive high-quality treatment from qualified practitioners and surgeons.

Early Life and Education History

Tony Petrello was born in Newark, New Jersey. After quitting his job in New York, he relocated to Houston, TX where he became the President and CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd in 1991.

He holds two degree certificates in Mathematics from Yale University and a law degree from Harvard University. From his education, Tony could have elected to pursue a career as a professor or a lawyer. Nonetheless, he decided to focus on a career in the oil industry. Today, his success as a corporate executive precedes him.